What Is Disc Golf

The sport of disc golf evolved as an offshoot of the many games spawned by the Frisbee craze. The game started with people using Frisbees and aiming at targets made up of trees, trash cans, light poles, pipes, and whatever else was handy.
Disc golf is played much like traditional golf, sharing the same joys and frustrations of traditional golf. Instead of clubs, players use golf discs aiming at the Disc Pole Hole. Starting from a tee area and finishing at the Disc Pole Hole, the object of the game is to complete the hole in the fewest number of throws. Generally, courses consist of 9 or 18 holes and the player with the lowest cumulative score wins.
Disc golf is designed to be played by people from school age to old age. If you can throw a Frisbee and like to have fun, you can play disc golf.